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Home Cooked - Bambu- Home Cooked (Feat. Kiwi, Geologic, Kuttin Kandi)
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  • Facilitation of Healing and Empowerment Circles for self and community through the Arts

    • The Wound Needs a Witness: Performative Storytelling for Healing and Community Building

    • From Spirit to Ink: Surfacing Images of Soul Expression

    • Release, Remember, Reclaim: Healing the Artist and Activist

    • ReVisioning: Utilizing Our Most Revolutionary Tool in the Resistance


  • Arts as a tool for deepening conversations around individual and communal Decolonizing and Indigenizing

    • Decolonization as a Form of Mental Health Practice

    • The Act of Re-membering: Decolonization of the Body through Physical Theatre

    • Freeing Ourselves to Free Our Ancestors: Creating Stories As Living Ancestors

    • The Stage is an Altar: Creating Sacred Space to connect to Spirit through Theatre

  • Trainings on Integration of Social Justice and Arts Integration framework for classrooms, community organizing and events 

    • For the Movement Theatre: Pedagogy Applications of Applied Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and Other Experiential Theatre Methods for Leadership Development

    • Theatre as Spiritual Practice: Pedagogy of Remembering and Reclaiming through Decolonization learnings and Re-indigenizing Practices

Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig has built her Arts Education pedagogy on the roots of self and community empowerment through connection to liberation education, human rights advocacy, spirituality, and the honoring of ancestry.  She is a Filipina American teacher, healer, warrior and visionary who has dedicated her life to creating artistic and spiritual experiences of learning to activate, challenge and uplift the human spirit. 


JL has developed non-traditional teaching and community building tools using the vehicles of Theatre, Dance/Movement, Visual Arts and Creative Performative Writing to create sacred space that brings communities together to share the human experience through their lens of existence. All of her workshops have the intention of all participants to leave having created and expressed as an act of healing and empowerment.

Popular Seminars, Lectures and Dialogues that have been developed in curricula and facilitated by JL include- training in the integration of Arts and Activism for community organizing and intergenerational liberation education, arts leadership devemopment, exploration of self identity through connection to spirituality and ancestry, and self Love and healing through the facilitation of creating rituals and practices to encourage daily self preservation and holistic wellness.  


All of JL's Arts Education sessions seek to create an interactive environment that engages participants to use alternative Theatre, Visual and Theatrical Literary arts methods to explore self, community and world issues.  


She has worked with diverse communities throughout the United States using this model of work with both youth and adults of all ages. Jana Lynne Umipig received her Masters in the Arts at New York University, Steinhardt Educational Theatre Program for Colleges and Communities. She is in the Founding Cohort of the Global Justice Institute (GJI) who has developed and codified the curricula and pedagogical methods of community organizing specifically of for the Creative Justice Approach at El Puente, in Brooklyn, NY.  She also has spent over 4 years training as a coach  through this work and is certified in facilitation of material from the Empowerment Institute through her work with GJI.


JL has developed countless curricula around Arts for Social Justice including contributing to El Puente's Creative Justice Approach training models and the creation of Action Toolkits for the Hollywood Film Festival around the topics of Human Trafficking, Displacement and Homelessness. She will be releasing her "The Journey of a Brown Girl" published curricula in April of 2015.

Community Events and Gatherings

"Tune in and Turn Up Activist Panel," Bushwick, NYC,  "Pinagmanahan na Ipaglaban: Celebrating Ancestral Resistance through the Expression of the Arts" (Co Facilitated w/ Francis Estrada), " "ReVisioning- Utilizing Our Most Revolutionary Tool in the Resistance", "Release, Remember, Reclaim- Healing the Activist/Healer in the Time of Trump" @ Public Allies NYC and El Puente, "I Am Not Afraid: Post 2016 Election Healing Circles for Youth and Facilitators" @ El Puente, Grow Roots Decolonizing Artists Series @ The Queens Museum, El Puente and The Point CDC, Green Light District 1st Annual MANIFST! Woman's History Month Festival 2015, Public Allies NYC 2015 Winter Retreat Training- "Visioning Workshop" Women’s History Month Feminist Sankofa Gathering @ The Brotherhood, Sister-Sol, BKNation March 2014 Forum “If Women and Girls Ruled the World,”,  Celebrating DJ Kuttin Kandi @ Paperbox BK, “The Empire of Funk” Launch @ El Puente


Colleges and Universities


"Decolonization as a Form of Mental Health Practice"- @ NYU Asian Pacific American Institute, National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, Hunter College Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration, The 2014 FACT Conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Asian Pacific American Fair 2014 at Hunter College, NYAAASC Conference @ NYU, Women’s History Month Celebration 2014 at Borough of Manhattan Community College, “The Journey of a Brown Girl Workshop Series Launch”- International Filipinos Association NYU, Kababayan @ UCIrvine Conference 2011, The 1st International Babaylan Conference 2010 @ Sonoma University, New York University, Center for Multicultural Studies “Ism Projects”- Pinayism


“I use the term Indigenous to refer to the self that has found its place, its home in the world. Emptied of projections of “inferiority”, “third world”, “underdeveloped”, “uncivilized”, “exotic and primitive”, and “modernizing”, it is the self capable of conjuring one’s place and growing roots through the work of imagination, re-framing history, and re-telling the Filipino story that centers our history of resistance, survival and re-generation.”  

- Leny Strobel