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Home Cooked - Bambu- Home Cooked (Feat. Kiwi, Geologic, Kuttin Kandi)
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The Center for Babaylan Studies (CfBS) focuses on Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP) with specific focus on Babaylan discourse and Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino psychology).


We are a 501-C3 organization and our fiscal agency is Mindanao Lilang-Lilang (EIN 94-3362135).


The mission of CFBS is to connect with resources and to facilitate the relevance, cultivation and promotion of Filipino indigenous wisdom in an age of globalization through:

  • Exploring and developing Pakikipagkapwa (deep interconnectivity), Kagandahang Loob (Wholeness of Being), Pakikiramdam (Deep Empathy)

  • Organizing conferences, workshops, retreats, concerts and events that bring about deep appreciation for Filipino Indigenous Spirituality

  • Creating and maintaining an online archive of spiritual, social, cultural, historical and other materials relevant to our vision

  • Fostering learning groups and collaborating with other organizations who share our vision

  • To facilitate decolonization processes rooted in Filipino Indigenous Spirituality, Wisdom, and Beauty

We envision that our events and projects will bring together:

1. Key resource persons from the Philippines on Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices;

2. Babaylan/culture-bearers in the US whose life work is informed by the babaylan tradition;
3. Babaylan-inspired scholars who address the sub-themes in the stated vision;

4. Babaylan-inspired teachers, healers, warriors, priestesses, and visionaries whose life work is
centered around indigenizing the Filipino self;
5. Persons who recognize decolonization as a spiritual path;
6. Persons who consciously work on the sycnretic integration of non-indigenous elements into Filipino spirituality;

7. Persons whose expressions resonate with being indigenous or indio-genius.