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Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig has spent the past 10 years designing, organizing and producing countless transformative community experiences. From Performance  Arts Productions and Art Exhibitions to Conference and Gala events- JL centers her production work on the intention to create spaces of community gathering that you will leave feeling transformed. 


With a particular connection to community activism and the power of the arts to uplift the human spirit, JL has helped to strategize, design, and produce events that continuously move audiences and attendees. 


She has worked with organizations like El Puente in Brooklyn, NY where she helped to design and implement multiple performances and community engagements with 1000's of guests in attendance, organizing dozens of staff and over 100 youth participants. She also has worked in her own production of events and productions including the acclaimed "The Journey of a Brown Girl" that within 2 years of organizing opened in NYC, CA with sold out rubs and toured to Toronto also selling out in shows. And has impacted every audience it has touched.


JL has also produced events including Festivals, Conferences, Galas, Demonstrations and Rallies, Celebrations and large and small scale performances (i.e. artist showcases and cabarets, poetry slams, fundraising events, etc.) with diverse organizations including: The Center for Babaylan Studies, Urban Word NYC, The Brotherhood Sister-Sol, Public Allies NYC, Ugnayan, Kapwa Collective, 2050 Legacy Search to Involve Filipino Americans, and Kababayan @ UC Irvine.


Part of her mastery in production comes from her artistic ability in design and creation of materials to support produced events. She has worked with groups and organizations in strategizing on marketing, social media and creating visibility for their product offerings and events.  


She currently works for the internationally known poetry and emcee crew- The Peace Poets, managing all their booking and events and designing, producing and distributimg all their branding materials through social media and in person correspondence. 


  • Multi-Disciplinary Arts Event Planning and Production


  • Direction and Curation of Experiential, Community created and produced performances (Look to Directed Works)


  • Organization and Event Marketing and Branding Strategy and Design


  • Social Media Strategizing, Design and Implementation


  • Trainings on Integration of Social Justice and Arts integration framework for classrooms, community organizing and events 


Human beings at the root are Creators. It takes this recognition to begin the work toward liberating ourselves from the struggles we are seemingly bound to. When we can walk this world believing and living the truth "I am a Creator"- this is when the revolution can truly begin.