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Home Cooked - Bambu- Home Cooked (Feat. Kiwi, Geologic, Kuttin Kandi)
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Intentions of Creation


  • To focus on the Arts as a means of elevating Social Movements throughout time and its ability to move human beings to want, understand, and make change of the injustices of this world

  • To emphasize the importance of Cultural/ Historical knowledge excavation and connection and honoring of ancestry as key to motivating individual passion and drive to seek upliftment from rooted oppressions

  • To support the decolonization and re-indigenization of diaporic born individuals honoring the relationship to dual identities as Settler and Indigenous  AND to do this with an honorable relationship to our Indigenous Leaders and the communities that survive and persist against Neo-Colonial rule

  • To work with intention of centering all life in healing self and communities as spiritual practice. And visioning for the future through the cultivation of teachings and skills for the individual and collective survival of body, mind and spirit amidst experiences that bring and have maintained deep struggle and traumas.


Creation, Justice, Remembering,  Healing- Spirit

Grow roots deep enough for generosity to sow seeds, for others you love,  those you do not know, unseen generations you will never meet. 


-DIWATANG LUPA, babaylan.net