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Home Cooked - Bambu- Home Cooked (Feat. Kiwi, Geologic, Kuttin Kandi)
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  • Illustration

    • Portraits

    • Graphic Novel/ Book Illustration


  • Design

    • Program/ Event Graphics

    • Logos


  • Art for Social Change

    • Posters/Banners for Social Events

      • Rallies

      • Marches


Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig's visual art is primarily illustration work that speaks to the roots of all her work in ancestry, activism, spiritual upliftment, interconnectedness and inquiry of self.  She has expressed this through mural work, portraits, graphic novel illustration, and design for programs and events. JL has created key imagery for campaign work and social justice organizatiosn including the "My Skin Color is Not a Crime" campaign that has been featured in imagery across the nation fighting against Racial Injustice and Racial Profiling. You can also follow JL's daily drawing musings through the hashtag #fromspirittoink on her instagram @jahel_umi.